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Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Seen: partially; Own: partially;

Last Updated: Sep 07, 2009

very amazing and interessting story together with hot fighting scenes is just what i love *__* all the character are special, hot and funny in their own way, i just can't decide on a fav..ahh i wanna a Reborn harem >D
Of course sometimes i get bored of the fillers and the unnecessary talking, but watching them fight is compensation enough :O
i watched the anime till ep pathetic fan i am...i just need more time...the next ones are already burned on dvd >D

Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Dec 27, 2009

10.00 (excellent) i just love the whole story :3 puls it's drawn by Kanan Minami <33
yay for Kyota


Seen: completely

Last Updated: Jan 29, 2010

10.00 (excellent) i am a really lazy person when it comes to read mangas online, but this one, i just couldn't stop, so great it is :D all 103 chapters done in an instant!
i recoomend all action lovers out there in the world: GO AND READ IT YOU WON'T REGRET!

D Gray-Man

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Sep 07, 2009

9.25 (very good) Amazing character design combined with a great story! what more are you need???
i have all mangas that were released in germany till now and also burned the whole eps on dvd..i heard there is a second season and i can't wait to watch it <33
though sometimes (like right now in the manga) the storry gets a bit too dramatic for my taste..still the fighting scenes are amazing...


Seen: partially

Last Updated: Sep 07, 2009

9.00 (very good) Bleach was one of the first animes i've watched <3
it's full of action and hot strong's just too hot *o*
I think the storry changes from being boring and interesting from time to time
but i still love the characters and style >D

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